"Find the three things on a project that are going to turn to mush and pay attention to those. The rest will get done." -Jim Talley

"Project management is 70% technical, and only 30% management." - John Storck

Triangle inner must stay within triangle outer to stay on plan . - John Storck

I had a client ask me to remove the vertical lines connecting task finishes to task starts. I thought he wanted the lines to no longer display. No, he wanted the predecessor relationships removed! He just wanted to use it as a drawing tool.
MS-Project is not just a drawing tool!

Time is not a resource. Why? Because you cannot control the rate at which it is expended. It goes by one hour per hour no matter what else we do to manage a project. - John Storck

Critical Chain Project Management changes everything...

Real Project Management

A Micro-rant about PERT and CPM

I believe that MS-Project has done the profession of project management a great disservice, since anyone who can draw a Gantt chart with MS-Project can be deluded into thinking they understand project management. Many only look at the planning aspect and forget control completely.

MS-Project is an amazingly powerful tool for project planning and control and yet nearly every MPP file cannot calculate the critical path correctly.

Go to your last MPP. Select the network view (now harder to find than ever). Chances are it will look like this - with one or more tasks which are not the predecessor to anything.

(You don't need to read the characters on this chart because they don't matter. Just notice the unconnected task.)

If Task-1 has no dependent task, why do it at all? According to this chart, there is nothing dependent on Task-1. In reality, at a minimum, the last milestone is dependent on it. But without this connection, you can't calculate the critical path correctly.

This is a result of people thinking that if they can master the software, they can practice the science. If you don't know how to go from WBS to CPM by hand, the software won't help you do anything but generate form without substance.

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