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These are notes on some of the work and management principles I have learned from good mentors, bad examples, good books, and my own mistakes during thirty years of business. I had been collecting this information for my own use and have shared it in bits and pieces with hundreds of people over the years. One often repeated request is "Can I get a copy of that?"

I have taught these principles and recommended these books so much that I wanted to publish the highlights for reference by anyone. Reading Seth Godin's Lynchpin while on summer vacation finally prompted me to start to organize it and put it on the web. Eventually, I'll put it into book form.

I like to say that everything I teach is either borrowed or stolen. If I can remember who created it, I gladly give attribution. If I can't remember who created it, well, at least I acknowledge that it is someone else's idea.

You will find that most of these are common sense and innately obvious truths. Rarely does a business author uncover a new truth that defied prior observation (Jim Collins' Good to Great is one exception). But, what they do for us is organize the ideas and connect them in a useful way. Often the benefit of reading a book like Jack Welch's Straight from the Gut is that it motivates us to finally change our behavior and do the hard thing that we have been avoiding.

I hope you enjoy it and learn something helpful. If you learn something you like, please pass it on to someone else.

Charlie Mitchell
New York

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