"If you attempt to keep your business at its current size. It will die. If it is not growing, it is dying."
Woody Levitan 2005

Fortune Cookie:
Mind your shop and your shop will mind you.
- Ben Franklin

Business Antipatterns

Follow these simple guidelines to run your business into the ground:

Try to avoid all risks. Pass up on contracts with risk. Price bids high enough to cover all possible risks.

Make your employees compete with each other rather than work together. It is more fun to watch, and that is the point of running a business, right, to be entertained watching underlings scratch out a living?

Hire the cheapest people willing to do the work. You can always put in a quality control function later to catch all the defects.

Go ahead and be dishonest. If you get caught, people will soon forget about it and want to do business with you again. They won't lie in wait for years for the chance to retaliate.

No one can predict the future, so do not waste time trying. Budgets and forecasts are pointless.

Staffing Levels
Hire fewer people than you need to do the job right. You will make more money this way and your people will be thrilled to help work on bids and proposals which will bring them more work to do. Staff who are hungry for new work do not write the best proposals; its people who are drowning in work who will gladly take more time away from their families to win more projects.

Good People
If you come across really good people when you don't have a job opening, pass up the opportunity to get them. Let them go work for a competitor.

C.S. Lewis describes a letter he got from a reader of "The Screwtape Letters" in which she said that she did not care for his book very much and that some of the advice given in it seemed almost diabolical.

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