This Fenix LD20, 2AA LED light is my briefcase light. The single AAA Fenix LD01 below is my pocket light.

Every Day Carry

Question: What is the best flashlight?

Answer: The one you have with you when you need it.

Corollary: It has to be in working order.

When I was growing up, batteries would leak and die at the drop of a hat. Today, modern alkaline batteries have excellent shelf lives.

Ten years ago, we were dependent on incandescent bulbs in our flashlights. Today, LED bulbs last thousands of hours - longer than most of us will use a flashlight in our entire life.

A nice LED flashlight used to be expensive. Today they are cheap, and you can buy one anywhere.

Bright flashlights used to be bulky. Today they can be really small.

Your cellphone probably works as a flashlight, but in an emergency, you might want to save its battery to use as a phone. It's nice to have a pocketknife with you too.

Experts say that people have flashlights without working batteries because they don't think of them when they are where batteries can be bought, hence the runs on batteries when a storm is forecast - another good reason to use a to-do list.

The Boy Scout motto of "Be prepared" certainly has an application here.

You might want to go check your flashlight and put something on your to-do list today.

Most days, I have a SOG Access Card 2.0 knife/money clip and Fenix LD01 flashlight in my pockets. Interestingly, if you know you always have them with you, you'll find you use them all the time.