What they did not
teach you in school...

About The Charlie Mitchell School

I'd like to teach a semester on what to do after you learn how to drive a car, like how to:

  • Read the gauges
  • Check the oil
  • Read a road atlas map
  • Change a flat tire (with a stuck lug nut)
  • Change a fuse
  • Drive on icy roads
  • Dig a car out of snow
  • Jump start a battery
  • Handle a fender bender
  • Drive with a manual transmission

There have been many times I have said that if I ran a school, I would teach this or that. I'd teach things like CPR, gun safety and knot tying.

I'm sure some schools do teach these things. Balancing a checkbook was not taught in my school, but my kids were all taught it.

You can learn a lot of useful things in scouting, like how to build a fire, administer first aid, use a map and compass.

Summer camp or the YMCA is a good place to learn how to swim. I taught my kids how to swim as early as we could, for their safety.

I did not grow up with guns, but I grew up with gun safety instruction and knew it long before I every went to a summer camp with a rifle range.

There are a lot of things that are handy to know how to do:

  • Be safe around guns
  • Be prepared for the lights going out
  • Tie knots
  • Fly nicely
  • Siphon liquid with a hose
  • Tape a cardboard box closed with an H pattern
  • Spray paint evenly without runs
  • Roller paint a wall with a V pattern
  • Not embarrass yourself at a fancy dinner
  • Flush a toilet when you are away from home
  • Carve a turkey
  • Read a map and use a compass

I'm pretty sure no one is going to ask me to run a school, so here it is, in self-serve form.