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Grant 1898 No. 9

Authentic Dwight Grant 15 foot spruce guideboat.

Glides across the water effortlessly. Black hull/green interior. Original cane seats. Center seat and oars included. Ornate nickel plated oarlock straps. Brass stembands. 3 galvanized iron shoes on keel bottom board. 31 sets of ribs. Copper foot plates for center and forward rowing positions. Hull paint quite faded. Screws and tacks in place except for a few as shown in the pictures. Minor planking cracks. Rowable after a good soak, but really should be properly refurbished by a qualified boatwright.

The design indicates it was made by H. Dwight Grant of Boonville, NY. The numbers 98 and 9 stamped on the stem date the boat to 1898. The dimensions correspond with Grant's talley board which are as follows:


There are a number of recent photographs of the boat and accessories below. The boat was not deliberately not cleaned, soaked, caulked or pins oiled for the pictures. It is in collectable condition.