Charlie Mitchell UXD Portfolio

These are sample screenshots of User Interfaces and User Experience Design I have worked on. They include screens built using the Mitchell Technical Services (MTS) Framework which is a low-code framework designed for rapid screen development that enables going from prototype right into production using a pattern library and PHP to generate Javascript. Others are work I handcoded, prototyped with a tool, designed or directed and had built for my consulting clients or employers.

1. Toll Terminal Touchscreen for GIBA, MTS Prototype for Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority

I built this toll booth collector touch-screen toll terminal with the MTS Framework for a proposed system demo. It is fully interactive and can emulate toll payment and vehicle passage.

2. Customer Contact/Call Center KPI Wall Board, Prototype for Cubic Transportation Systems

I hand coded this customer contact center IVR call monitor wall-board screen for a back-office presentation. It uses Javascript for the clock which shows the local system time and also for the "New Calls Entered" and "Calls Answered" which increment periodically to emulate call volume.

3. Customer Service Center Account Management Screen, Concept for Cubic Transportation Systems

This was a concept I provided requirements for while consulting to Cubic Transportation. The comp was created by their internal Infific team.

4. Transit Bus Real-Time Passenger Information Application, Product Design for Clever Devices CAD/AVL Product Line

These protoypes were made by my go-to subcontractor Tangent-UXD when I was at Clever Devices where we re-did the UIs for all of the products with UXD.

5. Transit Bus Fleet Supervisor CAD/AVL Tablet Application, Product Design for Clever Devices CAD/AVL Product Line

This is an instance of the UXD approach I brought in to Clever Devices; also implemented by my counterparts at Tangent-UXD.

6. Toll Image Review Gamification Workstation, R&D Cubic Transportation US Patent 9,550,120

This technical approach for reviewing license plates of toll evaders, which got patented, was a joint invention between me, NLDC, and Tangent-UXD. Steve Bliss and Dennis Moore turned my original mock-up into a beautiful proof-of-concept during the patent application process.

7. Toll System Hourly Traffic Display, Production Code for Golden Gate Bridge

This was part of the system deployed for the Golden Gate Bridge in 2008 that was the first deliberate UXD system I built while at TRMI Systems Integration.

8. E-ZPass Back Office System Reports Menu, Sales Demo for Cubic Transportation Systems

This was a working report selection and launching screen made for the NHDOT back office demonstration that led to Cubic winning the project.

9. Daily File Transmission Report, Jaspersoft Reports Run from Web UI, MTS Design Tool

This is an XML report I wrote using Jaspersoft. It is selected from a rapid-design tool report-launcher menu like the one above. The tool would automatically add reports to the launch menu with no coding required by using a report template uploader page to FTP the template files.

10. Toll System Real-time Lane Transaction Monitor, Sales Demo for Indra for Golden Gate Bridge

This was a reimagination of the Golden Gate Bridge transaction monitor, implemented in the MTS framework with a new look-and-feel, for a European toll system integrator.

11. Toll System Customer Service Rep Very High Density CRM Screen, R&D Concept for Cubic Transportation Systems

This was a test of an ultra-high density CRM screen aimed at putting the maximum amount of information on a single screen to miniumize navigation.

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